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tachograph data analysis

All You Need to Know, to be compliant if you operate a commercial vehicle

proDRIVERS IDHA (Intelligent Drivers Hours Analyzer)

On one screen, you can see if you have to act or relax, no difficult search, user-friendly layout and reporting facility […]

Manual Tachograph and Driver Card Data Download Tools

We support all EU Certificated Tachograph Download Key’s and Smart Driver Card Data Readers […]

proDRIVERS IDHA Infringements Report

Very user-friendly report menu, one report for all professional driver infringements, there’s no need to run 10 different reports, just one click and […]

Remote Tachograph and Driver Card Data Download

We support all EU Certificated Remote Tachographs and Driver Card Data Download Tools […]

Online practical training for the Smart Tachograph

proDRIVERS in cooperation with the EPDA (European Professional Driver Association), Intellic (EFAS Smart Tachograph), Continental AG (VDO / DTCO) and Stoneridge (SE5000 Connekt) offers online training on the correct handling and operation of the digital control device for professional drivers and transport managers.

Professional drivers, transport/fleet management and entrepreneurs are required to master the functions of the digital tachograph properly, to interpret printouts correctly and save all data accordingly. So that you, your professional drivers and those responsible can ensure the correct handling of the digital control device, proDRIVERS and the EPDA offers a corresponding online training course in cooperation with Continental Automotive, Stoneridge and Intellic.

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